About Me

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Hi. Welcome to my blog. I’m an engineer from South Africa and I’m curious about the world. My hobbies include reading, long distance running, and complex origami (all the origami on this site is folded by me). I also occasionally work on my own engineering projects. My favourite place to be is in the middle of the bushveld.

I recently completed a masters in systems and control engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I also hold a bachelors in mechanical engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. In between my bachelors and masters, I worked for the national telecommunications company of South Africa, Telkom.

I’ve used this space to explore scientific and engineering related ideas. Here is a list of other topics I want to cover in the future:
This will also address the controversy and moral issues surrounding the Mercator projection (which really should not be used in representative/artistic/non-GPS related maps!).

  • Electromagnetic waves and the internet: working in telecommunications taught me much about the infrastructure behind the internet. I’d like to explain that here. It always amuses me how people know that wi-fi doesn’t work several meters away from the router, but at the same time, are surprised to learn that most of the internet is not transmitted via wi-fi all the way from satellites in space! A similar article can be found here.
  • Quaternions: these strange 4-dimensional objects were never part of any of my engineering courses. However, they are incredibly useful for 3D rotations, and are used in most 3D renders (for games and graphics). I’m self-taught in them, but I had to rely on several sources. I’d like to explain them in a full detail here, along with comparisons to other 3D rotation systems.
  • Counting routes for the multiple travelling salesman problem: this is a side problem from my thesis (I really should not have spent so much time on it).
  • Listing k integer partitions: another distraction side problem from my thesis.

Lior Sinai, 26 June 2020